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Beliefs are guiding principles in life that provide us with direction and meaning. They underpin our attitudes, views and opinions.They also determine our approach and outlook on life.

Beliefs are developed by what we hear and keep on hearing from others. Beliefs come from our experiences, knowledge, circumstances and future imaginings.When our beliefs, in some cases, become destructive and limiting, it makes us view the world in an inaccurate way. 

Beliefs Exercise 

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The strengths profiler can help clients discover their unrealised strengths and potential utilise those for increased confidence and development.  

Click on the tab below to find out what your strengths are and how to use them to the fullest. 

Strengths Exercise 

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This is a useful tool when your life is out of balance. Experiencing workaholism burnout, or generally unsatisfied?

The wheel represents your life, the whole of you. The pieces of the pie show the important parts of your life: Family, Relationships,  Career, etc. When you assess each area of the wheel, you create a snapshot of what your life is like at the moment.  

The Wheel of Life