Professional support

Support for lawyers and their clients. 

Coaching | Practical & Emotional Support | Consultancy 

Tailored Service

Do you work in family law?

Do you work with a diverse group of clients? 

Do you work with clients who experience a range of challenges especially around family violence, day-to-day care issues, and relationship property?  

Curious about how we can help? 

What's the service? 

The aim of this service is to have our teamwork as a "middle person" between the lawyer and the client. To support both parties to have a more forthright experience in court.

Legal representatives in court are often confronted with an array of challenges, professionally and personally.

In the beginning stages of you supporting your client, we would be part of the initial strategic meeting together with you/your team/the client to understand what needs to be done and how we could support both you and the client. 

Sounds familiar? 


  • Do you often feel frustrated and exhausted because clients want to be in constant contact with you regarding extraneous matters? 

  • Do your clients want to go back and forth on matters that have already been covered?

  • Due to the nature of family law, are your clients often distressed, emotional and not listening to your legal advice? 

  • Do you often wish someone else could support the client while you focus on the case at hand?  

Better solutions, less worry

How would it feel to have someone who could take care of all the things you wish you had time for but don't? 

How we can help: 

  • Better collaboration & understanding between client and lawyer

  • Assist the client with all stages of the court process (expectations, factual evidence vs emotive experiences

  • Help clients fill in forms, organise important documents 

  • Be in contact with us through email/phone/f2f 

  • Assist with preparation before testifying/perception of self

  • Provide emotional support while the client is in court

  • Provide details of specialist services| relevant agencies|referrals

  • Assist clients with the emotional/psychological impact of court proceedings (influence on memory, behaviour and understanding) 

  • Practical and emotional support around matters such as family violence, sexual abuse, child custody, relationship property 

  • Support for clients and their families 

  • Coaching around client presentation/behaviour in court


Stones of Meaning

Benefits for legal professionals

  • Less frustration and impatience with client needs (phone calls, constant emails, texts, VM)

  • Better equipped to deal client needs- can contact us straight away for support 

  • Can filter information through us instead of repeating things to clients

  • Less worry around client changing behaviour during court and being discredited from the start

  • More time and focus on the depth of the case, more time to seek other opinions

  • Better working relationship with clients

  • Less compassion fatigue, more time for self-care

  • Better understanding of emotional triggers of others and more prepared to deal with it when it arises

Image by Chris Liverani

Client benefits

  • Understand court processes | gain clarity and direction from the start

  • Have more confidence in themselves and their legal representative

  • Less overwhelm- more time to do what is needed

  • Have someone that can filter out important information and liaise with their lawyer

  • Less resistance and frustration during court processes

  • Have someone who can support them through the process and refer on to others who can support

  • Feel heard and understood  


Better outcomes

This service has been developed as a way to support clients and their legal representatives achieve the best possible outcome in their case. The court process can be daunting and challenging for many people and this is one way to support everyone involved. Having worked with both sides for many years, we recognise the amount of work that goes into trying to keep everyone happy as well as getting the work done.