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Schedule a call with me to begin the conversation. We all live by the clock and I know that – I make this as convenient as possible. Sessions can be online or face-to-face, set for your schedule and conducted via Zoom or phone as well. 














































Option #1

Choose a 6-session programme to start getting more clarity around what you want to work on. This could be your relationships, your own personal wellbeing or your career. Often times we have a million things on our plate and never seem to get started on anything. During these sessions, we will be focusing on one thing at a time because as soon as you start feeling overwhelmed, procrastination will set in, and nothing will get done. These sessions will enable you to have clarity and direction while receiving my support and guidance to keep you accountable for what you have promised to yourself.




Option #2 

This 10-session programme will do all the above in addition to helping you delve deeper and spend more time in areas you tend to neglect or have fear about exploring further. We will focus on key issues- I will assist you in seeing patterns of behaviour while challenging your current perspectives in order for you to live the life you want. 



Individual Session Fees

Single session: 60-minute session: $111


The sessions are either in person or on Zoom.


Get in touch!

  • Unhappy in your marriage but hesitant to leave? 

  • Thinking about divorce but worried about finances or the children? 

  • Is there a loss of communication? 

  • Anger and resentment due to extra-marital affairs? 

  • Unsure about how to actually plan for a separation/divorce? 

  • How to communicate what's happening to friends and family?

  • Or are you going through a separation and want to know how to communicate with the children around this matter? 


Healing from Trauma

Destructive Relationships

  • Struggling with your self-worth due to something that happened in the past? 

  • Did you lose someone close to you? 

  • Do you hold a lot of fear and resentment in your body due to unresolved trauma while growing up? 

  • Childhood trauma- feeling abandoned, neglected, loss of trust in others? 

  • Holding on to guilt so to punish yourself? 

  • Slack boundaries around other people? do people tend to disregard your feelings a lot? 

  • Is your partner often jealous? 

  • Do they often manipulate situations and you're always wrong? 

  • Does your partner control everything in the relationship including finances, your whereabouts and who's around you?

  • Have you tried to talk to friends/family but they just tell you to leave? 

    (Click here for more information on warning signs in relationships.) 

Marriage Breakdown

You Have Two Options