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Student Mentoring 

I provide mentoring face-to-face and online for either social work or counselling students focusing on family violence dynamics and interventions. 

Family Violence Mentoring

My role as a mentor is to support you through your professional development with a focus on family violence. Like anything else, this might include overview of your personal views and how this relates to your professional development. If you're able to bring an agenda to the sessions and you're ready to explore and be curious about matters, I will be ready to support you emotionally and professionally through insight and common understanding. ​

The sessions can: 

  • Help you connect theory with practice 

  • Have a space to express what you really think and feel about the work you're doing 

  • Develop your knowledge and experience in the field

  • Develop more self-awareness and learn the balance between professional and personal identity 

  • Reflect on your work with clients and colleagues

  • Have a broader understanding of the ecological model and how this relates to the field

  • Develop contacts with key stakeholders in the field

  • Develop stronger problem-solving skills

  • Develop awareness around diversity and sensitive matters in society 

Theories & Values

I utilise a social work/social justice viewpoint during supervision related to family violence.