Personal Development

Do you find yourself going in circles lacking in clarity and direction? 

Struggling to create balance between yourself, work, and home life? Lacking the confidence to...

Rainbow and Waterfall



Struggling with hierarchies in the workplace? 

Interpersonal challenges with managers or colleagues? 

Working under managers lacking in leadership skills which leads to misunderstandings and...

Holding Hands in the Sunshine


Being in relationships can be so fascinating. We seek to be with another person and hope they will make us happy. Sometimes that works, other times we find ourselves so confused by what relationships are...


Time to put yourself first. 

If you think coaching is for you, here’s what you can expect from our work together: 

  • Clarity about what you want in your relationships, jobs, and everyday life, and how to get it

  • Bridging the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be

  • Strategic support on how to achieve your specific goals 

  • Designing tailored tools and interventions you can use to improve your job performance, emotional health, relationship and life goals

  • Transforming negative, self-sabotaging habits, relationship patterns, blocks, resistance, and thoughts

  • Through collaboration, you and I will dive deep into the chosen areas of your life and craft an actionable and implementable plan that helps you get the results you want.


Time to put yourself first

With some clients, my work is time-limited, with others it's longer-term; with some, it's focused entirely on work matters, while with others, it's more about the personal stuff that needs to be looked at more closely. More often than not, the assistance I offer is based on listening deeply to what is being said while facilitating a safe space where clients can delve into what's happening for them. This process can be incredibly helpful for clients because it allows for exploration and insight that comes from themselves, not others.


As a coach, understanding the unconscious meanings and childhood origins of a client's behaviour is a necessary focus, as it tends to be extremely helpful in supporting my clients. How could it not be? The more a client understands themselves, the more they can grow and make the changes that are going to be the more transformative for them.