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Helping You Through Coaching

What I love the most about being a coach is when I see my clients transform through hard work and commitment. When a client gets that glimmer in their eye, the moment something just clicks. The moment a client has a realisation that is connected to everything that has held them back from pursuing the career path they want, or stepping out of a relationship that no longer makes them happy. 

Although this takes time and effort, it is a brilliant way to guide and support clients through change and transformation.  




Maggie Cruz has years of experience counselling and coaching clients through their most challenging times and transitions. She brings a sensible understanding of the unique pressures faced by successful professionals that allows her to partner with you and support your vision. Maggie is an ICF trained coach with training and tools that get results.

Maggie has a Masters degree in Social Work/Counselling. She has extensive experience helping others manage complex interpersonal relationships, traumatic experiences relating to emotional and psychological abuse, along with anxiety and self-care.

Maggie has worked in Norway, New Zealand and in the United States in both public and not-for-profit sectors. With a background in social justice, she is a strong advocate for women and children.


Maggie’s background means she understands your life and the challenges you face as a professional. Her passion for helping others has led her to start a law degree.


Maggie has worked with numerous professionals in highly taxing roles and understands the difficult decisions professionals face as parents every day in navigating the elusive life balance of running a successful business and maintaining a family.


Working with Maggie will get you on track and moving towards your goals. She can help with avoiding burnout and developing practices ensuring you continue to thrive. Maggie’s practical and pragmatic approach coupled with her coaching tools will make progress so much easier and quicker for you.

Qualifications and Credentials