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Maggie Cruz

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I am a coach who works with individuals and couples. I help them improve their relationships either with themselves or with their partners, external family members or colleagues at work.

I have worked with numerous men and women who have felt lost, lonely or angry, and who needed to rebuild their lives during all of it. Some of the reasons they were going through these hard times were due to going through a divorce, stuck in emotionally abusive relationships, or who had experienced a traumatic event without healing the experience. 


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I chose this area to work in because I have spent many years working with people who struggle in their relationships and who miss the early warning signs of a destructive relationship. I understand how troubling relationships create an impact on people's overall relationships with others. I am very passionate about social justice and currently enjoy spending time volunteering for community agencies who are interested in helping women and children around suicide prevention, family violence and child protection. 




Expertise You Can Trust

Marriage Breakdown

Unhappy in your marriage but hesitant to leave? 

Healing from Trauma

Struggling with your self-worth due to something that happened in the past? 

Destructive Relationships

Is your partner often jealous or controlling? 


"While working with Maggie, she demonstrated a caring attitude and always maintained a great balance of professionalism while also being relatable and so easy to connect with. She is skilled at picking up on what’s not being said and what’s really underneath it all. Personally, I love that she is such a strong and passionate advocate for the people she works with. She is very knowledgeable and creative.

I would absolutely recommend working with Maggie."

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